Copyright and Reuse

To facilitate scholarship and research on the art and architecture of South Italy, we seek to enable the broadest possible use of the material on this site. To that end we have developed the following guidelines to help users understand what they can do with the content found here.


The images on this site come from many contributors. Some of these images may be in the public domain, while others are not. For your reuse, it is your responsibility to determine the copyright status of the image you seek to use and, if necessary, to seek permission from the copyright owner. Usually the best source for copyright ownership information is the institution that holds the physical object. In some cases permission may not be required because your use of an image may be a fair use according to American copyright law, but it is your responsibility for making that determination. (See the fair-use and best-practices guide from the College Art Association for help.) Neither the Medieval Kingdom of Sicily Image Database nor Duke University can accept responsibility for your use of the images posted on this site.


A major component of this project is the creation of metadata describing Kingdom of Sicily images. Metadata includes textual information accompanying images that enable users to identify, discover, interpret, or use the images, such as descriptions, the name of the author of the work, the date on which it was first created or published, or where the physical object is located.

The metadata on this site, with the exception of the creator's "Given Title," where present, was created by the Project Team. We believe that most of this metadata is not protected by copyright because it either expresses only objective facts (which are not original) or constitutes expression so limited by the number of ways the underlying ideas can be expressed that such expression has merged with those ideas. However, some metadata, such as information in the analysis and notes fields, may be sufficiently creative and original to have copyright protection. To encourage reuse of this metadata and to remove doubt about reuse, we hereby waive any and all copyright in this metadata under a CC0 Public Domain Dedication.

You are free to reuse the metadata on this site as you wish. However, we encourage you to, when reasonably possible, attribute your use as follows:

  • "Metadata taken from The Medieval Kingdom of Sicily Image Database, Duke University,"


Website Content

All other material on this site was created by the Project Team and our collaborators. This content is licensed to you under a CC-BY-NC license, which means that you are free to reuse, share, and adapt this content however you wish as long as you attribute us and make only non-commercial uses of the content (defined further here). Our preferred citation for attribution purposes is

  • " [identification of specific content], The Medieval Kingdom of Sicily Image Database, Duke University, Used pursuant to a CC-BY-NC 4.0 license."


If you have other uses that you would like to make that fall outside of the CC-BY-NC license, please contact us.